Single Panes

Single Pane’s of glass cut to size, all types of thicknesses availible.
(4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm)

Interior & Exterior Decorative Pieces

Besposke Bannisters
Coloured Splashbacks

Double & Triple Glazed Sealed Units

A lovely Display of our Double & Triple Glazed Units
How it all goes together
Spacer Bars, availible in all sorts of colours. (Black, Brown, Silver) are stock. different colours may incure a surchage, so try not to go crazy!

As the illustrations depict we combine two panes of your selected thickness of glass and utilize a spacer bar to fill the void. These are mainly made from (Graphite or Aluminium) and come in various thicknesses so we can create the desiered size required. It is then filled with an insulation material as standard, vacuum sealed with Argon gas and sealed with an adhesive material.

Fun Fact

Argon gas is classed as a “Heavy Gas” on the periodic table. This is to create the most effective barrier possible between exterior and interior. Ensuring you have the most energy efficent unit possible. (other Heavy Gases are availible but may incure a heafty surcharge).

Our stock range of Obscure glass patterns

All of these patterns are priced at the same rate, so dont hesitate to pick whatever takes your fancy!

Toughened & Laminated Glass

Made to any bespoke, we offer in Single panes of glass, double and triple glazed units and extremly large units for those of you who want a grand design!

High Security Glass

Sometimes you want to display things without the worry of theft! We can offer this with special toughened and laminated glass.

We guarentee the thief will run out of breathe and will before he gets through our glass! Plenty of time for you to raise the alarm.


(we cannot guarentee protection against vehicles or any heavy machinery, including persons like the Hulk. it is only glass and not Vibrainium afterall!)

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