uPVC Casement Windows

These are the most popular and the cheapest.

all of our UPVC is Guarenteed for 10 Years, with a lifetime Guarentee on the hardware (Locks, Hinges, Hardware. If you correctly register with YALE!)

uPVC Residential Doors

These are again a Casement but have a 72mm OuterFrame with Steel Re-inforcing.

We can offer different designs and panels to suit your tastes.

uPVC Flush Casment

Much Different to the Casements as they have an exterior face that sits flush with the outer frame, We can offer Windows and Doors in this style.

uPVC French Doors

French Doors are a great way to create great access space for your home, however we will only manufacture to a maximum of 2Mtr as any larger will cause problems with stability.

Upvc French Windows

The Same Concept of the French Doors but smaller, these are generally used in tighter openings that require fire escape access when you do not want to comprise on look.

Upvc Sliding Door

Slightly more cost effective than french doors and especially if space is an issue Sliders are Ideal.

Sashs can be produced much wider as they operate on a track rather than a hinge

Upvc Vertical Sliding Windows

Great Alternatives to Timber Sash windows as they essentially have no up-keep costs involved, they are also considerably cheaper to produce!

Upvc Bi-foldWindows

Doors can be produced however in Upvc it is better to stick to this style in windows as upvc does expand and contract. We recommend Aluminium frames for Bi-folding Doors.

Upvc Tilt & Turn Windows

This style can only be made inward opening, so bear it in mind.

They can be made to a big size and the tilt feature offers the best ventilation

Upvc Stable Doors

Also availible in composite like most of our products, we can manufacture stable style doors to encourporate village and country scenary.

Our stable doors can be outfitted with different pattered centre panels to tend to your specific taste.

Patterened and texture glass could also be fitted in conjuction to a panel or completely, we like to leave the vision to our clients.

Upvc Sash Horn Windows

designed purely for asthetic purposes and to imitate the wooden sash window design with the moulded sash horn profile.

Cost effective and as you can see can feature astragal or georgian bar designs with our ability to supply all types of glass made to order.

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